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Posted on: May 2, 2009 6:41 pm

Royals the Least streakiest team in the majors!

With the Royals so far this season there has been an absence of streaks good or bad. They are team that has been on the teater totter in all areas of play. They dont loss a lot but they dont win a lot. They hit here and there dont get hot but most havent been cold. There is a lot of gray area when it comes to this team and the stats prove it-

Most wins in a row is obvious and actaully one of the better steaks we have going for us-

Grienke with 5 straight wins bring his recorded to 5-0 with a 0.50 ERA

Longest Hitting Steak- Alberto Callaspo at 10 games

No players on the Royals have had a Homerun in consecutive games.

Sydney Ponson has the most consecutive starts with a lose at three and that is the only active streak on this page.

The Royals as a team have had a winning streak of 3 and a losing streak of 2.

There has been a lot of streaky teams so far this year and I am sure those fans at on point were either pulling out thier hair or jumping for joy. I dont know how I feel about this I am sure the minute I complain that we just dont put anything together the Royals will listen to my pleas and roll off a nice little losing streak. The other thing that I noticed is this team is designed that way. What I mean by this is our starters who pitch 1,2,3  Gil Meche, Zack Grienke, and Kyle Davies all have the ability to take over the game stop a losing streak. Our 4 and 5 pitchers Sydney Poson and currently Brian Bannister have the ability to take our team out of the game and stop a winning steak. Bannister has yet to show this ability but I believe that he has it in him. This pitching rotation makes it hard for us to either get on a roll or to fall off into the pit of abscurity. As a long time Royals fan there is a comfort knowing that we wont go on all these long losing strides that bury us in the standings. On the other hand it is frustrating because it seems like we will never pull away from a very medicore pack right now. What does everyone else think are you in the same boat? Do you feel more secure with this team but frustrated in a new way this year? Do you feel that I am wrong and that the Royals have a streaky ability and if so what is it?? I dont know how I feel I guess you could say I am 50/50 on my team so far this year and thats suiting with a 50/50 ball club

Posted on: April 27, 2009 3:54 pm

Surpises that will keep surprising??

In honor of the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals game I will open upt he discussion. Last week all over sportsline, espn, and any sports media outlit writers, bloggers, and the media were all running the story of first place surprises. At that time the Marlins, Blue Jays, Royals, and Mariners were all in first place and were definatly not expected to be there. Its be a week or two now and the only team that has fallin of that list of 1st place is the Royals and the only other team that has cooled off has to be the Marlins. What I found amusing is that most of the articles and the blogs all thought that the Marlins and Royals had the best shot to place first when September rolled around and most writers were saying that they felt like none of them would win there division with only the Royals being cometitive when the time came. It looks like if last week was an indicator that these predicitions are ass backwards. What does everyone think. I am a a Kansas City resident and being a KC native you have to be an optimist or not like sports. I believe that the Royals will be there it just depends on how quick the bats can warm up. I am not talking 7-8 runs a game I am talking about just getting 2 or 3 a game and our record is so much better. I also think that the Marlins will turn it around,  rough series against Phily and they pose the only real threat in that division so maybe they will be there. I really like the Mariners though, they have very solid starters even more so early in the rotation. Closer has done his job and the runs continue to keep coming from all differnet ways which is a good sign. The only team that I believe wont be there in the end is the Blue Jays. They have such a brutal division which comes with a brutal schedule. I think they might be the best out of all four of these teams and if there we relocated to a different division I would be ranting and raving about them. They see Boston, New York, Tampa Bay, and Baltimore to much there is no room for error in that division and I just dont see it happening. That my opinion; now it is time to tell me why I am wrong or right. I dont not know these clubs in and out and fans of these clubs will have better takes them me let me know why your teams won or will be there when rosters are locked and pennate races really begin.
Posted on: April 24, 2009 1:35 am
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