Posted on: April 27, 2009 2:25 pm

Anyone Else Confused?

I am extremly confused by this draft. Scott Pioli is supposed to be this absolute talent evaluator genius. He has a proven track record of amazing picks and finding talent deep in the draft. I am giving him the benifit of the doubt because of these facts but my confusion doesn't come from not taking Aaron Curry, it doesnt come from our 1st round draft pick at all. The off season is almost over for the most part. Free Agents have been signed and draft picks have been taken. With little to no more wiggle room is Pioli really going to give the drivers seat to his ROOKIE head coach with this offense? Supposed garing problems with the offense; O line, Wide Recieve, and recently TE. What we did in the draft and off season to improve these areas? Got Jeff Goff from SD a solid gaurd and drafted MO tackle late in the draft at best back up for a few years then starter. At wide recieve we draft a RETURN SPECIALIST if you think this kid from Mcness St. is going to be a WR your nuts he is another Dante Hall at best. So the season will start with us lining Dewayne Bowe, Bobby Engram, and Ben Franklin as out Wide outs and O at TE will be Brad Cottom since we did nothing to replace TG. I know that defense is the cornerstone of playoff teams and thats where a majority of the focus is but how in the world are we expected to resign Matt Cassell what love have we showed him if any. Take five more years of this abuse Cassell dont worry we will get better I think not.

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